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  • Walking Wisely

    Christ is All / Colossians 4:5 / Jonathan Haefs As Paul draws the body of this letter to a close, his emphasis takes an interesting turn. Instead of continuing his focus on the Colossians themselves, he turns to how they should relate to those outside of their faith community. There is a certain way they should […]

  • Watching and Praying

    Christ is All / Colossians 4:2-4 / Ed Kaylor The exalted Christ is all we need in every area of our lives…and we want others to know the all sufficient Jesus! We want to make him known. So how do we start? Do we just start proclaiming him? What was Paul’s precursor to proclamation? Audio Resources: To […]

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  • The Mundane is Miraculous

    *Tonight at our annual SVCC family meeting, I briefly reflected on many things that happened among our faith family during 2014. Below are the thoughts I shared in the form of a letter. Dear Faith Family of SVCC, This is the third time I have had the opportunity to reflect on what all has transpired among us […]

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  • Weekly Advent Devotional 2014

    During Advent this year, we will be journeying through the book of Philemon and seeing how Jesus Christ came to break every chain that enslaves us!  We will also explore how he empowers us to become a chain breaking people! To help us make this journey as a body, we have provided a weekly devotional to […]

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  • RT @Haefs: (2 of 2) The world doesn't need to see perfect people, but people in need of the grace that comes from the perfect savior! #Chri 3 hours ago

  • RT @Haefs: (1 or 2) Christ is the only perfect person, and we can only proclaim him as such by allowing our own imperfections to be seen! #… 3 hours ago

  • RT @Haefs: God does his transforming work BOTH to save you AND to show the world there is a Savior! #Colossians4_5 #ChristIsAll 5 hours ago

  • RT @Haefs: Wise living is not just living in line with the Gospel, but doing so for the sake of making that gospel known! #Col4_5 #ChristIs 1 day ago

  • RT @Haefs: To invest our lives in knowing God in such a way that cuts us off from those who do not know him is to waste our lives! #Col4_5 1 day ago

  • RT @Haefs: Last night at our SVCC family meeting, I briefly reflected on 2014. Here's what I shared in the form of a letter.… 2 days ago

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