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Youth Ministry


Our Youth ministry values:

Gospel Centrality– We are less concerned with FLASH and more concerned with faithfully proclaiming the good news that by grace through faith in Jesus Christ students can enter into communion with the Triune God!

Robust Biblical Teaching– We value equipping students with expository bible teaching that points to Jesus  rather than engaging teens through entertainment and hype.

Discipleship In Community– Students were never intended to navigate the waters of Jr. High and High school by themselves. Building meaningful relationships within the Church body is vital for knowing Christ and maturing in the faith.

Partnership With Parents– We don’t believe that parents just pay a youth pastor to minster to their youth but rather pastors are called to equip the saints to do the work of ministry. We encourage parents to take an active role in the discipleship of their children and want to provide the resources to make that a reality!

Integration With The Body– We have no desire to create a youth ministry separate from the rest of the body. We want to push our students into the life of the body to use their unique gifts and talents to serve our faith family!

 Weekly Meeting

“The Gathering” in the Loft from 6pm-8pm on Wednesday nights is a time where we share food together, hang out, spend time in prayer for one another and the worldwide body of believers, worship through music, and study God’s Word. Also, be sure check the Realm for random events that can include games nights, serving projects and worship nights with the body at SVCC.

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