Shades Valley Community Church


As believers, we belong to the global body of Christ and we are each placed into a local expression of Christ’s body. Scripture tells us that we belong to one another for the purpose of edification. We have all been gifted in a way that serves the good of the body. At SVCC we desire to see everyone with our faith family use their God-given gifts for the building up of the body.

We believe every Christian should belong to a local church as a member of a faith family. In this way, they may be cared for as others use their gifts to build them up, and they may use their own gifts for the building up of others.

Just as being part of a physical family comes with responsibilities, so also does being a part of a faith family. We must learn to listen for the needs of the body and recognize that we have a responsibility to respond to these needs.

As a responsible member of a faith family, we must each learn how God has gifted us through prayer and serving. We exercise these gifts in order to help meet the specific needs of the body for which we have learned to listen, constantly recognizing that we all need each other.

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160 Oxmoor Road Homewood, Alabama 35209

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