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As the Church, we have been commissioned to take the glory of God in the gospel to the ends of the earth and everything we do is aimed towards this world-impacting mission. All our worship, service, and community is geared towards helping us fulfill the great commission. There are ways in which every individual Christian can be involved in the global-purposes of God.

Pray Confidently and Continuously
God has promised us that the day will come when people from every nation, tribe, and language will be gathered around his throne in worship (Rev. 7:9), so we can pray confidently for that day to come. We do not cease to pray especially for those peoples who have yet to be reached with the hope of the gospel.

Give Joyfully and Sacrificially
All our resources are a blessing from God and we are called to steward them faithfully. We have the opportunity to joyfully and sacrificially give our resources toward taking the gospel to the unreached.

Go Boldly and Intentionally
Our lives are a gift from God and we are to use our time intentionally towards making disciples among all peoples. Even if we feel ill-equipped we boldly pursue this mission knowing that it may only be accomplished by God’s power. We begin right where God has placed us, making disciples among our family, friends, coworkers, and in our local community. ¬†Then, we go as far as God will allow…boldly to the ends of the earth.

Die Willingly and Victoriously
Jesus has called us to be willing to sacrifice everything, even our lives, so that all might hear the good news of the gospel. Thousands of Christians around the world will give their lives this year because they refuse to quit telling others about Jesus. Their deaths are not defeat, but victory as the apostle Paul wrote, “…to live is Christ, to die is gain (Phil. 1:21).” If death is the worst this world can do, then Christians cannot be beaten because death is just a vehicle into the presence of the Jesus we love and serve. Death has been defeated by Jesus, and so we can go wherever he calls fearing nothing and no one.

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