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We desire to see God’s worshipped among all peoples and so we begin by praying for all peoples. SVCC has developed personal, ongoing relationships within two countries for the furtherance of the Gospel: Haiti and Poland. We continue to pray for these countries and specific information is provided below to help guide your prayers for these nations.

-The “Christianity” Haitians have been exposed to, has often been mixed with voodooism. Pray for clarity.

-Pray for the desperate physical/social needs: agriculture, healthcare, AIDS, education, etc. These things were complicated by the 2010 earthquake  that claimed 230,000 lives.

-Pray for SVCC leadership as a plan is developed concerning the future of our relationship with Haiti.

-Poland statehood can scarcely be distinguished from membership in the Catholic church. Everyone is “Christian,” but no one knows the grace of Jesus. Pray the gospel would penetrate the spiritual darkness.

-Pray the Polish quest for material advancement might be subordinated to their search for God.

-Pray for Greg and Erin Skrobarcyk, who serve as resident missionaries in Poland.

More Missionaries
We purposefully try to raise up long-term foreign missionaries from within our own faith family. Some of these are full-time missionaries in the traditional sense and others have taken jobs overseas in a more “tent-making” model. Please pray for the following SVCC missionaries as the Lord leads:

Steve Exantus – Haiti
Greg and Erin Skrobarczyk – Poland
Susie Triplett – Asia
John and Samantha Hudson – Montana
Ross and Lane Lackey – Montana
Paul and Jocelyn Neville – Birmingham
Beau and Ashley Armistead – Birmingham

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