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Being a member of a church is not like a golfer being a member of a country club, but more like a finger being the member of a body. All body parts work together for the good of the whole body, under the leadership of the “head.” Likewise, believers submit themselves to the leadership of Jesus Christ as they seek to serve one another for the building up of the whole body. In membership we commit ourselves to a local body of believers, saying we will hold one another accountable, serve one another, care for one another, share our resources with one another, teach one another, forgive one another, bear one another’s burdens, cry-laugh-rejoice-mourn with one another…in short, we commit to love each other as Christ has loved us as we fulfill the mission to which he has called us.

Becoming a Member
ROOTSAt SVCC, you can begin the membership process by attending the roots seminar, which is designed to help you see the roots beneath us, the ground under us, and the growing branches above us. It is also a wonderful time for you to get to know some of the staff a little better and ask any questions you may have.

The Next Roots Seminar
Our next Roots Seminar will be Sunday, January 21st, 12:00-3:30pm. We will provide a free lunch for all and childcare upon request! To register, email our discipleship pastor:


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