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The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. Being connected to Christ automatically makes us a part of his body, the church. At SVCC, the primary point of community connection comes through our Community Groups. Acts 2:42-47 reveals five things that characterized the community life of the early church which serve as a guiding-vision for our Community Groups.

We seek to equip one another with the Word of God. Our purpose is not to fill our heads with knowledge, but to transform our hearts, draw us closer to Christ, and equip us to share the Word with our families, coworkers, friends, etc.

Religious environments tend to produce people who pretend to have it all together, disabling true spiritual growth. We desire to share authentic relationships in which we are honest about our brokenness and need for the grace provided by Jesus’ sacrifice. An authentic relationship with Christ is the starting point for true transformation that is supported through authentic relationships with other believers.

Prayer is the forgotten means by which our relationships with one another in community and our relationship with God through Christ have the opportunity to converge as we pray for one another and our world. Through prayer, we become intimately involved in how God is working in one another’s lives and in his work to the ends of the earth.

Christians consider one another spiritual family members, and as such we are to care for one another spiritually and physically. We seek to be generous with the resources God has given us so that there might be no needs among our local body and the body of Christ around the world.

People naturally talk about the things that impact their lives the most. As we experience the power of Gospel among us, we are compelled to share it with others and invite them into the believing community.  We seek to share the love of Jesus in both word and deed in the community in which God has placed us and to the ends of the earth.

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