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The Christian life can be messy: a mix of absolutes and uncertainties. We hope our church is a safe space for students to ask questions, struggle, wrestle with scripture and form theology in a Christ-centered atmosphere. We value being authentic with each other and with God. We try to stay spontaneous, organic and relationship driven. Our goal at SVCC is not to create a college ministry that is separate from the rest of the body but rather to push students into our community group. We encourage students to use their gifts and talents to serve the whole body in whatever way the Spirit is leading them.

Serve the Body! 

Are you interested in using your gifts and abilities to serve the body at SVCC? Have you seen a need that you would like to meet? Contact: to grab a cup a coffee and have a conversation about how you can serve in our faith family!

College  Community  Groups

All community groups are inter-generational at SVCC and are open to college students. These are a few of our groups that are specifically for college students

| Leader | Brad Brown and The Bradford’s | For | college and post grad co-ed | Join Us | Every Monday (starting Feb. 13th) 6:30pm at the Bradford’s home | Details | Free dinner followed by a time of discussion | Contact |

| Leader | Mollie Master | For | College women | Join Us | Tuesdays at 7:30pm  in downtown Homewood | Details | Discussion-based focus on accountability and vulnerability. Dinner is served and there is no homework. Just bring yourself, a Bible and a journal. | Contact |

| Leaders | Doug Abernathy and Zach Wright | For | College men | Details | Meeting Wednesday Nights 7pm at SVCC to discuss the book of  Ecclesiastes | Contact |

Location: 1536 Saulter Rd. Birmingham, AL 35209
Contacts: Brock Fogle (615)332-1137, John Kegley (404)444-4164
Date and Time: roughly 7-9pm every Thursday

Our group desires to connect college students into gospel-centered community with one another and to foster relationships of accountability in order to empower believers to live out their faith and to evangelize to the world around them. We come from many different backgrounds and are various stages in our walks with the Lord. We meet on Thursday nights, and we also frequently have community events and activities as well as service opportunities as people see need. We would love to have anyone who feels a need for community join us on this adventure!

Community CHANGE Challenge

Let’s face it…College students are broke. This is probably true of you and may make you feel like you cannot contribute to SVCC. This is false…and we want to help you CHANGE this mindset in two ways. 1) Get involved! There are all sorts of ways to get involved in the life of SVCC through serving and community. Click on those links for just a small sample of ways to be more connected. 2) You may think you have nothing to offer financially, but do you have any change? Yes, change…coinage. We are challenging our college students to collect their change throughout the week and bring it as an offering on Sundays. Together, you can all make a massive difference by participating in this small way. Trust us…SVCC is a place where even the smallest amounts make a huge difference and we want you to know anything you contribute is awesome and valued!

You're Invited!

Please come worship with us Sundays at 10:30am!

160 Oxmoor Road Homewood, Alabama 35209

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